We have the very first raid test for patch 10.1 and the Aberrus raid, with the next month and more being scheduled out ahead of time, starting this Thursday. Raid Testing (Source) The raid testing schedule is very fluid and subject to the realities of a t

The new season of Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 will have a new ninja operator, multiplayer map, new rifle and more;
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The All-Pro First string includes 3 members from the championship-winning roster of G2 Esports, consisting of mid laner Rasmus Caps Winther, ADC Steven Hans Sama Liv, as well as assistance Mihael Mikyx Mehle

I think it is mathematically impossible that we are the only intelligence species in the cosmos.. Likewise in the Colbert interview, Spielberg was asked concerning the opportunity of aliens being friendly or hostile if they were ahead to Planet

The Administration of Square Enix proposed this morning to replace Yosuke Matsuda by Takashi Kiryu as CEO.
A decision subject to the result of the vote which will take place at the 34th annual shareholders’ meeting in June and which

The equilibrium team looked to nerf ranged assistance products, namely Spellthiefs Edge and Spectral Sickle, in Patch 13