Watzke criticizes Aytekin Gestures and facial expressions bring extra hustle and bustle

His gestures and facial expressions bring in a hustle and bustle, he acts like a Kapellmeister, Watzke said on Sunday in the sports 1 program double pass . The appearance is not the way I wish me a referee. Aytekin would have to know that he goes into a heated game with a prehistory , he can not build pressure with gestures and facial expressions .

On the contrary: You have to be reassuringly on the players. In the concrete case, in response to the double dash of Raphael Guerreiro and shortly thereafter Dahoud, for which the national player with yellow-red had to be from the square: Then he has to show GUERreiro yellow and not Dahoud, Guerreiro was not impending. Another referee like Manuel Gräfs had solved the scene differently: He would have put his hand on his shoulder and had told him, now is the conclusion.

The protest of Dahoud was not exceptionally bad. That s a reflex. That s not totally disrespectful.

Hans-Joachim Watzke

Especially since the action of Dahoud, which Aytekin had considered disrespectful , was not so bad. The more I look at it: The protest of Dahoud was not exceptionally bad now. That s a reflex. That s not totally disrespectful. It had been different, if he had said du idiot .

And thus Aytekin has significantly affected the game: The referee has a responsibility for a game. If you show a yellow-red card in a narrow game in the first half, you change the statics of the game massively changing. Of course, however, The main debt meets Dahoud. Of course that was an allerial-based, but he complains something very clear.

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