Foresken The magical individuality of Frey Holland

If the hitherto-published trailers have revealed for researchers, then probably the fact that protagonist Frey Holland will not move with their supporter cuff with heavy swords or shields in the fight against Athias fauna. Instead, the young woman who is unexpected from our reality is being used in the mysterious Athia, mainly use magical energies to protect themselves – and to allocate.

The magic of variety

As part of the Tokyo Game Show 2021, the developers Takefumi Terade and Raio Mitsuno of Luminous Productions have organized a small valley crowd to a little more on Freys s character (type: clever, a little immature, suspicious, sarcastic) and the fight with cuff . Because CUFF is a second protagonist next to Frey, even if it is not much more than a talking bracelet around Freys s wrist at first sight.

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Forspoken | Story Introduction Trailer

As if such a talking piece of metal would not be fantastic enough, CUFF, of course, has its own character and places itself with Rebellin Frey when he does not fit something. Apart from that, CUFF Frey gives a whole beaning to magical power that serves a variety of schools.

Every fight style is unique

Although the developers did not reveal how many different magical powers are serving Frey, so you assure you that every school will play unique. With one you can fall in your opponents, with another you enhance your skills and others have them aggressive or defensive. A few examples for this can be admired in the already seen game scenes of foresken.

Of course, you are free to select a magical fighting style in the Frey s skin, who likes you, and stay. But the developers of Luminous Productions recommend that you should experiment quietly with different conversations – the combat system is designed. ForSpoken appears in the 1st quarter 2022 for PC and PlayStation 5.

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