GTA 5 Players place Squid Game in the Open World

Squid Game (koreanischer Originaltitel: 오징어게임 Ojingeo Game, dt. ‚Tintenfischspiel‘) ist eine südkoreanische Dramaserie, die von der Produktionsfirma Siren Pictures für Netflix umgesetzt wurde. Die Serie wurde am 17. September 2021 weltweit auf Netflix veröffentlicht.Nach vier Wochen wurde die Serie von zirka 111 Millionen Konten angesehen, was sie zum bis dato erfolgreichsten Netflix-Serienstart gemacht hat – 29 Millionen mehr als der vorherige Rekordhalter Bridgerton (82 Millionen bei Staffel 1).

The Netflix series SQUID GAME has become a real hit within a very short time and now also swap over the gaming world. Some GTA online players have rebuilt the morbid children s games from the show and recorded the result in the form of a video.

Squid Game: GTA players post the show

Only Animal Crossing, then the SIMS 4 and now GTA 5 is also expired to the Squid Game Fever.

On YouTube, a video is trying, in which players of a role-play server in GTA online the Netflix hit Squid Game partially postpone . In the video to see, among other things, the games red light, green light and the glass bridge. In addition, the organizers of the event have also thought of another deadly game that is not part of the official series.

As in the Netflix original, the players have to stick to the rules of children s games. Do not do that, will be killed in short and divorce it.

The additional play from the YouTube video is a wild cat and mouse game in which all players are released simultaneously in a huge server room and must try to hide as long as possible before the killer, between the Server cabinets lurking on them.

Auf RolePlay servers is much possible. We were about with some GTA cops on patrol:

What s about an official game implementation?

Neither netflix nor Squid-Game inventors Hwang Dong-Hyuk has so far expressed whether the series hit may soon be implemented in the form of an official game. For now, players must continue to satisfy themselves with the implementations in other games.

For Netflix, however, such a project would offer itself. Finally, the streaming giant has recently launched its gaming offensive and tries to open a new market for himself (Source: GIGA).

The problem on the matter: The development of such a game is likely to take a while. Until then, the trend about Squid Game could be flattened long ago . So if we ever get an official squid game game, is currently still in the stars.

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