How to get Calmar ink in the Stardew valley

Squid Ink is a useful resource if you plan to make sewing or dye the clothes stardew valley. The two methods call to think outside the box.

An excellent method for acquiring this useful resource is to visit the mines and find them in Squid Kids. Squid Kids look like small pink heads with human face and they usually pull the fireballs. Do not let the fire alarm you because they are fragile. A blow or two of a weapon should slaughter them.

However, Squid Ink is a chance to leave from there. You will not always get it and you will find only Squid Kids beyond level 80, which takes a lot of time. The alternative method consists of capturing the Calmars fishing.

You can fish the squish on the quays near the Willy shop during the winter season. You have to do it at night, however. Wait until it s a little over 19 hours in the game and start fishing them at this time. Once you have one, you do not want to get rid of it. Instead, you want to throw it in a fish pond.

Alternatively, you have a chance to locate a squid by searching stardew valley resident bins. You can use this alternative if you want to find a squid outside the winter months.

Just as you can acquire the fish eggs or a caviar farm with a sturgeon, you can cultivate cuttlefish ink with a squid in a fish pond. Every two or three days, there are still some to harvest, making it a great option for your farm.

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