Squid Game conquers GTA 5 You can now gamble the ultrabertal games online

Squid Game turns around children s games with a nasty twist: Who loses, dies. Of course, this premise of Netflix s megaHIT s megaHIT is perfect for adjusting and playing themselves – online and in video games. Exactly doing many fans now and build the different games from Squid Game with the help of mods. For example, in GTA 5 , where the whole thing can be done very well, but of course there are already SQUID Game servers in Roblox, Minecraft or Fortnite.

GTA Online becomes Squid Game Playground

It s about it: Squid Game is the newest and now probably the biggest hit of the streaming giant Netflix. The series from South Korea currently breaks a record after another and enjoys great popularity that it almost all penetrates all pop culture areas. Of course, this does not stop before video games.

What are that for games? In Squid Game, people who live in precarious conditions and with great money worries in classic children s games. The winner beckons a million profit. For example, a modification of OCHs is played on the mountain or tug. However, these games have the hook that those who leave are eliminated, in the truest sense of the word.

Now also in GTA 5: The brutal games from Squid Game with the fatal consequences can now be experienced in many video games. Thanks to mods, fans diligently build all sorts of Squid Game events variants, and of course, in all sorts of titles such as Fortnite , ROBLOX , Minecraft or GTA 5.

Of course, the scope and the quality of the mods and games fluctuates. But GTA 5 is very well suited and some fans visibly bother. Many people typically use in GTA Online, for example, role-playing servers, now try the SQUID GAME servers. Such, for example, GTA-Youtuber Vadact, who introduces some here:

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Here, the most famous Squid Game game probably tried with the scary doll (which by the way already in Animal Crossing : New Horizons gives), then it goes over the bridge with the glass plates. At the end, classic hiding is played. That does not occur in the Netflix Show, but of course also fits perfectly.

And no, the symbols on the masks were probably not inspired by PlayStation and the SQUID Game Inventor is not a pure Sony fan:

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Whether there will ever be an official SQUID Game video game remains to be seen. In view of the colossal hypes around the Netflix blockbuster, the chances are not even so bad. Until then you have to be pleased or evil with the relevant servers in Minecraft, GTA Online, Fortnite and Roblox.

What do you think of this idea? Have you already tried a few Squid Game games in other titles?

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