New information clear Tweet UPDATE suggesting a new deployment of Xbox Game Studios

Revealing Xbox Leaks Studio & Acquisitions for New Exclusive Games Published by Xbox Game Studios
The official Twitter account of Xbox Game Studios Publishing suggested something new to the handling title.

In this tweet, it is written that I will try to start something special tomorrow! Something seems to be announced. Besides, Please give me another day to prepare chickens .

In addition, two hours later, is FABLE Anniversary , but this name was already used. . It seems not to be information about the FABLE latest work that the Forza Horizon series developed by July 2020 is not information about the latest FABLE , but this series seems to have any announcement or events.

In addition, it is the 16th anniversary of the release of Fable: The Lost Chapters , the first expanded version of October 18 of this year.

※ Update (2021/10/18 10:02): Changed the article content, as soon as the official Twitter was clearly stated at the official Twitter.
※ Update (2021/10/18 19:05): Some headings have changed with the correction of the article content.

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