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The Netflix series SQUID GAME continues to float on a large wave of success. Only recently, she was able to secure the title of the most successful series in Netflix history and pass to such popular productions such as Bridgeron, Lupine and The Witcher.

But it seems only the beginning of a big brand offensive. Among other things, even video games reactions are in conversation. This comes from an interview of the magazine The Hollywood Reporter with MiniYoung Kim from Netflix Asia. This explained that there are currently numerous inquiries and ideas around the Squid Game brand, which applies it to evaluate. Not all proposals have long been in the foreseeable future, but some of them were quite considered.

Well, the great thing to work with Netflix is ​​the fact that there are so many talents within the company, so I can focus on producing a great show. There are all the other experts who are the Send a closer look at different areas with potential. We have received an overwhelming but beautiful number of inquiries from the organization – from the consumer department, from the Games Group and the international teams. The task of my team is to get all these possibilities to look at a timetable for the SQUID Game brand. We look at different areas – from games to consumer products and other things – to find out what we can offer to our audience to connect to our To increase content and give you more fun while we remain faithful to the world our designer created.

Would you give a game to Squid Game? How should it look like? Let s know us in the comments!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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The Netflix series SQUID GAME could soon also appear as a video game. (2) [Source: Netflix]

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