A whole week RIDERS REPUBLIC FREE playable

Shortly before the appearance of RIDERS REPUBLIC, all players are once again allowed to form a first opinion.

To ensure the release of the RIDERS REPUBLIC multiplayer sports game on October 28, Ubisoft has a lot done in recent weeks. In addition to numerous streams of various content creators, there was a similar offer for PC players in Europe even more than a week ago. You could try the title for free for a day.

Now Ubisoft expands this action to a whole week and all platforms. From tomorrow you will find the game entry RIDERS REPULC TRIAL WEEK in the shops of Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Epic Games and Stadia. After the download is finished, you can play the sports game from 21 to 27 October for four hours. If you decide you for the purchase following, you can take all your progress made by the progress such as stars, equipment and outfits in the full version.

You can even participate in a special challenge, the madness challenge , which allows you to take the game in the Gold Edition. Overall, Ubisoft 100 of these special versions will be giving away and for a lucky there is also a special rider republic x canyon bike . Thanks to that, you can not only race virtually over floor and stone. All details about the action are available here.

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