New World players begin to be banned for abusing exploit that allowed gold duplicate

New World started strongly last month and since then success and some problems have gone hand in hand for the Amazon Game Studios MMORPG.

The long queues and more errors have generated a lot of headache, but there have been failures of those who have also taken advantage of the players.

As reported PC Gamer, the 1.0.3 update of New World, which has incorporated the transfer of characters between servers has also added a particular exploit.

This failure to that players could duplicate gold and objects in a very simple way. If you used this trick, we warn you that you could become banned by Amazon.

In a statement, the developer commented: Players who are deliberately using this exploit to obtain advantage will be banned by exploitation . We will also eliminate the items or gold received when appropriate.

This error occurred when the players sent gold to another player and then disconnected from the game. After joining session, the exchanged gold was still in its inventory.

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Fortunately for the offenders, The Banus is not permanent and is that this prohibition will only last a couple of hours. However, there may be problems that affect these players and a longer bubble occurs.

Gold is one of the most precious resources of the game, although its value has increased so much that it is generating problems in the game economy. Many players prefer to barter to give up the gold they have achieved.

As we said, they are not the only mistakes of those who have taken advantage of the players. Some have abused the self-bane system to win the clan wars.

Meanwhile, other users are improving the game on their own. As New World has no minimap, two players have created his.

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