Tom Holland is not the only star of the Uncharted movie the Rubius also leaves

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A while ago the trailer of the Uncharted movie has been released, and we are already wearing the first details and surprises of the film based on the PlayStation video game. And it is that, ladies and gentlemen, Rubius makes a cameo!

You can see the trailer then and, if you notice, at minute 1:00 exact, the well-known YouTuber appears. Behold.

Now, now it s when you say, That could be any . There are several tracks that lead to what actually, it is Rubius who makes a cameo. First, we must bear in mind that the film is a production of PlayStation, and Rubius usually does many collaborations with the firm. In addition, it has been shot in Barcelona.

If we go further, yesterday, Rubius published an enigmatic Tit with a lot of Emojis , among which is the spider in reference to Tom Holland s role as Spider-Man and others how many that make unclaimed to Uncharted.

Also, in one of the streamings of him, he already ahead of him subtle. Tom Holland and I have a secret . Now, it has already come to light. What we have to know is if you have a scene or phrase in the movie or we will only have to make up with seeing it in the background.

Uncharted: The film, will be released in cinemas on February 11, 2022.

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