Role Strategy and Battleships The Riftbreaker sells 200 000 copies in its first week

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service developed by Microsoft for use with Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S video game consoles, and with personal computers with Windows 10. Described as the Netflix of video games , [1] Xbox Game Pass allows users to access a catalog of games of various publishers for a single monthly subscription price. The service was launched on June 1, 2017, while the Xbox Live Gold subscribers received priority access on May 24.

Exor Studios is congratulations. His latest videogame, The Riftbreaker, has already sold more than 200,000 copies on PC and consoles in just one week of life, as announced by the Polish development team through a Twitter message.

In 3DGEGOS we have spoken on more than one occasion of The Riftbreaker, an RPG of action and construction of bases presented in 2019 with the premise of putting the user about the skin of an elite scientist and soldier with a powerful mechanical suit. Its objective? Put the first stone for the colonization of a planet at the other tip of the galaxy , although this suggests facing a whole series of challenges.

The Riftbreaker mixes on his playable survival mechanical approach with elements of construction and RPG action, giving his protagonist the option to travel by dimensional portals, thus cut and tear off countless enemies. His mechanical suit, also allows him to survive the harsh climatic conditions of this exotic world, thus being able to collect samples and investigate in its surroundings.

Available in Xbox Game Pass

The Riftbreaker reached Xbox Game Pass through PC, Xbox Series X | S and his cloud game service, so the number of players who have been able to enjoy this science fiction and spatial exploration can be Even greater.

The spatial theme lives a good time these days in the industry. Recently it has also reached the stores for Lone Echo 2 for Oculus Quest or The Eternal Cylinder for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, while in 2022 there are several quite important appointments in the calendar, with special attention to Starfield of Bethesda.

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