Xbox does MMO and it s in a cloud and Riot Games invests it

A few years ago, I thought that the Next-Genem in the years ago genus will be produced by a virtual reality (VR). However, I can be confused and instead of VR, we will receive Blockchain or … Cloud Technology (Cloud)! Do you know the cloud, right? Everyone knows her! After all, there are files in it!

Xbox Game Studios came up with an idea to create a MMO game entirely based on such a cloud. The Mainframe studio from Finland is responsible for the game, for whom it will be a debut project. Multi veterans worked for production, and the whole aroused interest even Riot Games! The creators of League of Legends have invested in MMO from Xbox Game Studios, so who knows what will come out.

What do we know about the game itself? Few! It s hard to scoring something specific from these words:

We create a MMO game that works native in the cloud, with a living world full of new ways to connect with friends

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MMO from Xbox Game Studios offer unique mechanisms that we will not see in the classic representative of the species. For example, scaling level of complexity was given – on the smartphone we will be able to collect raw materials or deal with crafting, but Dungeons will be available from the PC and console.

With a large cloud of small rain? We ll see, but who knows, maybe it will be true and desired by some Next-Gen .

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