Jon Watts dice que Spider Man No Way Home es Spider

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Spider-Man: no way home is possibly the sequel of spider-man more anticipated in recent years, with the return of Tom Holland on the protagonist paper and with Jon Watts again in the Address after having been in charge of the previous deliveries, away from home and Homecoming .

As we already announced yesterday, the next issue of the magazine Empire will have on cover to spider-man: no way home , who has already become public allowing us to have a clear perspective of the new spider man that we seemed a hybrid Between the suit of homecoming and that of iron man .

But the cover of the magazine will not be the only interesting thing about this number that will be put on sale on October 28, because the magazine will have an extensive coverage of the film that will leave us with exclusive images and declarations of your team.

Through the page of Empire they have wanted to share some of the unpublished comments of the director of the movie, Jon Watts – That we can read the entire when the magazine is published-, as well as some of the exclusive images of him .

Definitely we are trying to be ambitious , said Jon Watts, E Spider-Man: EndGame , said the director laughing, but without joking. From Empire they say that part of the ambition of this project is given by the return of iconic villains from previous deliveries, such as Doctor Octopus .

When I was proposed by the idea for the first time, I thought, Wow, would be great if we could take it out, explained Tom Holland, about the possibility of having those villains again, But there is no way to work. You can not get everyone to do what they should do. It s just not going to happen. But it happened. And it s crazy.

Kevin Feige , On the other hand, thought about how the return of Dr. Octopus Alfred Molina could be carried out. If we ever bring back [A Doc OCK ], it would have to be one way.

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