Riders Republic a free trial week will take place from October 21st to 27th

Before making the jump, the curious players to discover Riders Republic will be able to give an opinion on a test week. Ubisoft announces that its extreme multiplayer sports title will be accessible for a limited time on the space of a week, just before its release on October 28th.

This test week will include the 5 quarries of the game and several multiplayer modes (the mass races, the tricks battles, the free-for-all mode, and the versus mode). It will be available on all the media on which it will be possible to find Riders Republic at its exit, either on PC, Xbox One, Series, PS4 and PS5 consoles, and by purchase on the Stadia platform . Players will be entitled to a four-hour overview, and their short progress will be kept to allow them to resume where they were at the time of launch.

This test week will be an opportunity for Ubisoft to launch a first multiplayer event, the Mad Challenge. In this contest, the goal is to pick up 20 stars to unlock access to these mass races, 32 players in CrossPlay that appear on the map at random every 30 minutes. Lots (a personalized bike and a Gold edition of the game) are to gain by draw for players who will shuffle in the top 10 of this challenge. What to set the tone and put in the bath before the exit of Riders Republic on October 28th.

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