Riders Republic will offer a free 4 hour trial from October 21 to 27

Ubisoft hfinal version announced that before its relefinal versione (scheduled for the next October 28 ), Riders Republic will offer free a weekly limited test that will allow play 4 hours to the final version of the game . In fact, all the progress we make during this kind of demo will be saved and we can use them later if we make a copy of the game, resumed our departure from the exact point in which we left it after the test. Will be available from October 21 to 27 on all platforms in which the final version will see the final version (ie, ps5, xbox series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC via Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store).

One Lfinal versiont Surprise Before Launch …. ⚠️
Enjoy Our Trial Week Starting October 21st and Keep Your Progress at Launch.https: //t.co/7u7oagbvi pic.twitter.com/wndqcak4vp

  • Riders Republic (@ridersrepublic) October 18, 2021

all unlocked and special contests

In addition to the race mode and their respective tests, Ubisoft will enable all Multiplayer modes of Riders Republic . These include mfinal versionsive races (limited during the demo to 32 players per game), TRICKS BATTLE (6 against 6), Free for All (up to 11 people) and versus (for a maximum of 6 friends). The restrictions on the number of players are due to that during the test there will be Crossplay enabled between the different generations. The final version of Riders Republic will allow more than 50 players at a time , but only in the new generation: PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, whose crossed game will be to each other.

While the test will also be held the so-called Mad Challenge , a multiplayer contest that will allow winning prizes in real life (such final version a personalized Canyon bicycle or a Gold Edition of the own Riders Republic ). To participate, we will only have to overcome the tutorial and achieve 20 stars in the different modes. Then the so-called exclusive multiplayer contest will be unlocked, a special mode (a mfinal versionsive race) in which if we are among the top 10 we will participate in the draw of the aforementioned rewards. Time to put on the helmet, tighten the handlebar and burn wheel, table and cloth.

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