RIDERS REPULIC Access to the Mad Challenge

In order to promote the publication of Riders Republic, Ubisoft organizes a Mad Challenge event. This is a multiplayer competition where players who participate can win some spectacular prizes. Here you will learn how to start.

Access to Mad Challenge in Riders Republic

To start, you need to download the free test week of the game. The file size of the test version of the game is quite large, so you may want to link your account in the meantime. Go to the actual website and click on the trial button. The page forwards you to the 4-hour trial version, which you can play between now and the publication of the game.

Then log in on the website for the Mad Challenge. Just follow the login instructions on the screen. Here you can link your preferred platform to quickly create an Ubisoft account. Make sure you use the same account on the platform where you play.

You should receive an e-mail with instructions for participation.

Here, in the 4-hour trial, you must complete the tutorial completely. Fortunately, it introduces you to all important gameplay aspects that RIDERS REPUBLIC has to offer.

After completing, make sure you have collected 20 stars for your profile. To get there faster, you may want to fulfill as many bonus goals as possible. This includes playing on higher levels of difficulty and playing without handicaps. You should be able to reach 20 stars in just over an hour s season, so you have almost three more hours to tackle other events.

Once you have done that, you should also have the multiplayer challenges of Shackdaddy have unlocked. Activate the Mad Challenge on its bandit stand on Rider s Ridge to attend.

Finally, you need to reach the top ten in a mass race to defeat the Mad Challenge. After completing the challenge, they qualify for participation in a raffle where you can win a custom-tailored Canyon Bike and a Gold Edition by Riders Republic.

Riders Republic appears on October 28, 2021. It appears on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC.

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