Extreme Sports Riders Republic PC version free play starts

Ubai Isho has launched a free pre-play event for Riders Republic.

This work is a work that enjoys Extreme Sports such as mountain bikes, skiing and glids on the stage of the open world. The next generation of players can be enjoyed with more than 50 players (older generation versions or more) players. In addition to being a Load Map of YEAR 1, who already earns a future update, GAME SPARK also publishes prior experience reports.

In this event, it is possible to play a prior play with 24 hours from October 12 to 16:00 on October 13, October 12, which is a pec edition (UBISOFT CONNECT). In addition to five carriers that can be enjoyed by solo and PVP, it is an event that can enjoy plenty of multiplayer modes below. In addition, play requires library registration from the official site.

Mass Racing : Let s jump into magnificent multi-sports races where more than 50 players participate. The race appears randomly on the map once every 30 minutes. Be careful with the blind spot on the course and protect the position, move around and aim for the goal. The PC version preceding play can experience three mass races.

Trick Battle: Challenge 6 to 6 playback and go one after another on various modules and earn points. The team who won the highest score is the winner.

Free Four All: Challenge up to 11 rivals at selected events on the playlist and grab victory.

Fight mode: Play with friends and check your ability.

Riders Republic will be released on October 28 for PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.

Riders Republic [First Press Limited Benefits] Bunny Pack Product Code Bundged-PS4
~ ~ ¥ 9,240 ~ → ¥ 7,555



Riders Republic [First Press Limited Benefits] Bunny Pack Product Code Bundged-PS5
¥ 7,555



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