Shoji Meguro de Persona left atluded and works on a new independent title

Shoji Megro, a composer who provided Shin Megami Tensei s music and his Persona derived series, officially announced his departure from Atlus. The name of Meguro has always been linked to that of Atlude since 1995. After 26 years in the company, he decided to leave in order to become independent.

Meguro shared on the social networks he had actually left atlude in September in order to continue the development of independent games, as well as to work as a composer of independent games. He also revealed that he had contributed to the development of various independent games over the last five years and he officially joined Kodansha Game Creators Lab as one of their independent developers.

Despite his decision to leave Atluded, he admitted that he follows to maintain a good relationship with Atlus. I hope that those of you who were concerned about the sudden announcement will feel relieved, Megro declared.

Kodansha Game Creators Lab has also confirmed that they are currently working with the composer to create a new independent title they planned to reveal at the Indie Live Expo 2021 Winter event scheduled on November 6. Meguro even shared some screenshots of this new game, giving his fans a preview of the project on which he works.

We still do not know how the recent announcement of meguar will have an impact on future attracted securities. However, it seems that Meguro did not completely closed the door to a new collaboration in the future. He even told the fans that he had good working relations with Atlude and that they could continue to wait impatiently to hear his musical work on the games of the future. Yet now that he left the company, the fans expect a little bit to what future games do not feel the same without his emblematic compositions.

What do you think of Shoji Meguro s decision to leave atlude? Let us know in the comments below.

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