Children play Squid Game to Schools warn against Netflix

Everyone sees it, everyone talks about it: the Korean series Squid Game has conquered the world about Netflix; However, not only the world of adults. Several schools have already sent warnings to parents.

World's deadliest Game to play were people die ❌????❌ Watch it at your own risk ♨️ Wanna play?

More and more schools warn parents to see their children Squid Game on Netflix. The reason for this are violent games during the break, where children of the series emerge. In Squid Game, highly indebted people in merciless games appear against each other to win a prize money. The losers die – and in the end should only one left.

Squid Game in the break: Who loses, is beaten

The staff of a Belgian school in Erquelinnes has published a message to all parents on Facebook (Source: Facebook). There they report from the game red light, green light from Squid Game, which is played during the break. The whole thing would be no problem would not be beaten the losing children.

Even at schools in England, students now ask if they are allowed to adjust the Squid game games in sports lessons or in the break (Source: Mirror). A school in Kent has already planned extra lessons on violence and media expertise, while the management of another school sent letters to parents in which the Netflix series is warned.

In Germany, Squid Game is already open from 16 years ago, in Belgium even from 18 years. The age release alone does not prevent younger spectators but of course not on the stream – in the case parents have to have an eye on the media consumption.

Tip: So parents can lock content on Netflix for their children.

Squid Game has been available on Netflix since September 16, 2021 and is now celebrating international success. In Germany, it is already a while 1 of the most popular series and movies on Netflix.

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