How to solve blocking and launch problems in Riders Republic PC

Riders Republic is blocked and does not start – This guide will show you how to solve faults and problems related to the startup in the PC version of Riders Republic. These problems are very common with the Ubisoft titles. So do not worry.

Riders Republic is blocked for some users and does not start for some, on PC

One of the most ambitious projects in Ubisoft, Riders Republic, is finally available to try people from all over the world. The game was announced in 2020, during Ubisoft Forward, and has managed to create a decent amount of advertising since then.

Before the final launch, Ubisoft launched a handful of free beta versions. What allowed the players to know what Riders Republic is about. I played a lot during betas, and personally I am a fan of this game.

Riders Republic is a massive multiplayer sports game, in which more than 50 players can compete with each other in races involving cycling, skiing, snowboarding, flight with wing suit and rocket wing suit. You can play in a fully open world environment. And the best part is that this game allows you to change sports equipment on the fly. You could be literally bicycle at a time and snowboarding on the other. If you ask me, this is the most fun I have had in a game this year. And I do not even like sports games.

But as always, the AAA titles are sent with many problems today. Especially those that are always online. Riders Republic has many of these problems. Let s say the game is amazing, but it is not the most optimized game I ve seen.

I have only spent some time, and I can see people complaining about faults and launches related to the Ubisoft forums. Therefore, I decided to list some corrections that would help solve those technical errors.

How to solve the locks and launch problems

Windows 10 and DirectX 12 are required to launch Riders Republic

Riders Republic is one of those games that has no support for DX11. You need to have DirectX 12 to start this game. Also, if you are in Windows 7 U 8.1, then it does not make sense to read this article. To verify the DirectX version on your system:

Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard
Write «dxdiag» inside the box and press ENTER
DirectX diagnostic tool will appear
Make sure you are on the System tab, look at the bottom of the System Information list. I should see his version of DirectX there

If you still have Windows 7 on your PC, I recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10 of 64 bits. I am using the latest compilation of Windows 10 (version 20h2, compilation 19042.1288) and I have not had any problems when starting the game on any of my three PCs.

Uninstall the beta version of Riders Republic

If I had participated in the beta tests of Riders Republic, I would recommend that you uninstall it first. Then, go to download and install the full version.

Basically, many users are experiencing blockages in Riders Republic because the different files of the different versions are in conflict with each other.

Delete the options.ini file from Riders Republic

I was facing accidents myself because of this. Fortunately, I managed to solve that by eliminating the file «Options.ini» in the folder % Documents% My Games Riders Republic Default.

After removing, I tried to open the game again and it worked. Maybe some rule has changed from the beta version, and when the game tries to read this file, it is blocked. Actually, many users have confirmed that this method works.

NVIDIA users, update the controller of your GPU to version 496.49

NVIDIA has already launched a Game Ready controller for Riders Republic. The version is 496.49. You can download it from this link or directly through GeForce Experience. Here are the notes of the version:

In addition, this new Game Ready driver offers support for the latest titles and updates, including Riders Republic.

Do this also solve any DirectX or Direct3D errors in Riders Republic.

AMD users, update the controller of your GPU to the Adrenalin version 21.10.3 Optional

AMD has also launched an optimized controller for Riders Republic. The version is called Adrenalin 21.10.3 Optional. You can download it from this link or by AMD Auto-Detect. Here are the notes of the version:

Execute Riders Republic with administrator rights

Go to the Riders Republic installation folder. Right click on ridersrepublic.exe and select Properties. Now click on Compatibility and check the box next to « Run this program as administrator. Start the game directly by double clicking on the.exe file, instead of starting it through Ubisoft Connect or Epic Games Launcher.

Verify and repair the Riders Republic game files

If your system has a damaged or missing file, it is necessary to run Republic Riders correctly, then the game will continue failing. This is where the file verification method comes into play. Here you explain how to do it in Ubisoft Connect (previously known as Uplay):

Start Ubisoft Connect
Go to «Games»
Click Republic of the Riders

Select Properties in the bar on the left.
Search in the Local File section
Select Check files

And here it is explained how to verify Riders Republic at Epic Games Launcher:

Launch of Epic Games Launcher
Go to your library
Place the mouse pointer in Republic of the riders
Click on the configuration icon (three points) next to the Start icon
Click on Verify
Restart the pitcher after the process is completed

It is possible that your antivirus program is quarantined the.exe file of Riders Republic

Check if your antivirus software is blocking Riders Republic or No. This has also happened to Far Cry 6. ridersrepublic.exe The file can be quarantined silently by some antivirus software, avoiding the game to start. Therefore, you may need to disable the scan function in real time or the real-time protection function of your antivirus to play. If you do not want to completely disable the software, you must add ridersrepublic.exe to the list of exceptions of your AV software.

Prerequisites for Riders Republic

I would recommend that you update your redistributable from Visual C ++, since there is a possibility that it has not been installed correctly. If you receive errors such as VCRUNTIME140 1.DLL or No MSVCP140.dll was found, this will solve it.

And finally, if none of the corrections mentioned above works for you, then there is no other option than reinstalling the game completely. We are still testing the game. More arrangements on the way!

If the problem you are faced is serious, go here and send a case to Ubisoft support. And do not forget to consult the Ubisoft forum for Riders Republic.

That s all folks!

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