Xbox Series X S turns over a year Microsoft Stees and Errors in this first year

It has been a year since the launch of Xbox Series X | S, and it is already a good time to take stock of Microsoft s role with the premiere of its new generation console. Like everyone, Redmond s company has committed errors and successes at this time. And, although these conclusions can also have a profile also subjective, we will devote the following lines to what we consider it is the best and the worst they have done.

We must bear in mind that this is also a background race, and that throughout a stage like that, the situation can take many laps. The reality is that Microsoft I started with a disadvantage after a Lost Generation with Xbox One, but with Xbox Series X | S everything seems to have another color. The first months of a desktop console tend to go slowly; But everything that arrives now will be to catch cruise speed.


The acquisition of new studies

In the past generation, Microsoft focused on bets that were intended to be innovative, such as the use and obligation of Kine ct or the strong commitment to an online service and nothing more. But, this is going to play. They have realized that it is best to have a wide cast of studies that work under their shelter. Thus, they made the spectacular purchase of Bethesda for more than 7,500 million dollars, staying in exclusive sagas such as The Elder Scrolls or Doom. There are other newly created studies such as The Initiative with ambitious ideas. Although, the negative side of this, is that we have not yet seen all this effort endorsed; although it will come from 2022.

Xbox Game Pass does not stop growing

Undoubtedly, the Xbox Game Pass service is the Greater Microsoft Bath during this generation. Especially, because it is an increasing catalog every month, and allows users to simply buy the console and access more than 100 titles with a quite low monthly fee for everything it offers. In addition, with the Plus that all First-Party Games (and some Third after commercial agreements) available from the same launch; both in console and PC.

Two perfectly distinguished console models

At first there were doubts about the decision to launch two different models of a console, but Xbox Series X and Series S are quite distinguished. In this way, with SERIES S, you can bring the Xbox brand to people who do not want to spend so much money or who gives something else the technical, and they want to have a new generation system. The older sister series X is an authentic technological beast and its power will bring us many joys.

More presence in the field of Marketing

Xbox Series X|S - One Year Later - The Good, The Bad, & The Awesome

At a time as the current one especially, or you move in the field of advertising and social networks or, simply, do not exist. Microsoft had left it aside and, fortunately, it is already more common to see Xbox on television or with a more active presence on Twitter or Instagram. Even taking mood party to do business, as with mini-refrigerators, taking advantage of the horny that there was when the design of Xbox was presented. It is the attitude.


A discreet catalog of exclusive

Before we have said that Microsoft is making a brilliant job having 23 exclusive studies, but the fruits have not yet been too much. In the first year we have missed a reference. Xbox s first exclusive title was the modest The Medium, which that Viola was great and invoices. There is also Grounded, from which no one already remembers. So far, the only thing truly great has been Fora Horizon 5, who has entered through the hairs. Microsoft must increase the number in the coming months; And we know that there are little things like Fable, Star field, Avowed and more.

The blurred waits for Halo Infinite

Of course, the beginning of the Halo Infinite campaign was an absolute disaster. The game was going to be the reference of the console on its launch, but when its first gameplay was presented, it was not even where to grab it and 343 industries had to delay its premiere more than a year. Better to wait and go well, but expectations with the master chief are always very spacious. The image was quite damaged although, fortunately, with the passing of the months it has improved.

A greater commitment to the Xbox Showcase

We are at a time when the information and being in the informative panorama is key. Thus, we see that almost every month there is an STATE OF PLAY of PlayStation or a Nintendo Direct. But the Xbox Showcase are not as usual and, if they were, it would probably increase the interest in the Microsoft console. It has been proven that it is a good way to sell the games and put the fans a candy of illusion in the mouth.

Summary of the first year of Xbox Series

With all this, the first year of Xbox Series has been hopeful, more, so it s going to come that for what we currently have. In just one month he arrives halo and that will suppose a new great boost for the commercial and marketing brand. There is still a lot of work to be done, but in Microsoft they are doing work well. Users, and the media, must be patient; The first months of any system are slow and little emphatic. The green track will come, that of course.

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