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70 goals in 69 competitive games are reason enough for Borussia Dortmund not tired to emphasize that you want to keep superstar Erlang Haaland beyond the summer. But there are also 70 goals in 69 competitive games, but they ensure that almost every European top club is interested in 21-year-olds. The media last little hope for a whereabouts — the Haaland users are confident, on the other hand,

Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, FC Bayern and Half English Premier League: The names of clubs where Haaland has already been traded are as varied as prominent.

That rumors for those interested in the Norwegian national player stubborn for months is probably due to the open secret that Haaland may allegedly leave the BVB for 75 million euros due to a consultation after the season. A tremendous sum, which looks almost chanting in view of the incredible skills of Haaland.

In a survey we asked you where the BVB superstar in the season 2022/23 will lace the football shoes. The answer, which has chosen the majority of over 95,000 users who have tuned, surprises quiet.

How to cut BVB whereabouts and Bavaria change

41 percent of you believe that Haaland also goes on goal hunt for Borussia Dortmund 2022/23, 25 percent await a change into the Premier League, 20 percent of a commitment to Real Madrid. The FC Bayern (8 percent) and Paris Saint-Germain (6 percent), however, only outsider opportunities are attributed.

„What should be better, Erling?“ | BVB FIFA 22 Ratings presented by Jude Bellingham

Even more clearly, the voting of another survey falls out. On Which club would you prefer to see Erlang Haaland in the next season? 69 percent of you answered with Borussia Dortmund. Interesting: Here FC Bayern is followed by 15 percent rank two. No other club (Barça, Real, PSG, SANITY, Liverpool and June) received more than five percent.

Excluded is a whereabout of the superstar in Dortmund at least not. Haaland s father Alpine Haaland recently emphasized against the Norwegian TV channel TV2, the BVB is a fantastic club. However, the ex-player also emphasized the Spanish Primer Division is a good league for his son.

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