MS PC Game Pass Folder Follow Public Mode

You can now take advantage of various modes in the Xbox PC Games Pass.

Microsoft has released the Xbox Games Pass Update on the Xbox Channel today (12th). The most prominent thing is the folder function to be added to the PC game path. In the future, users can arbitrarily specify a path to a folder where the game is installed in a PC game path, as well as a generic PC game, as well as a game with a game installed.

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The PC game path has been evaluated as a bit sad despite the strength that the PC game pass can play the listed game freely. It was because it was not easy to utilize the mode, as it was demanding to approach the folder where the game was installed. Therefore, the new function of the PC game path is likely to bring a large change in these compositions. This is because it can solve the part of the game path as a disadvantage of the game path as it can be easily installed similarly to PC.

Let s take an example of .

To install the skin or image file in the PC Games Pass, you must first find the folder called Windowsills. Then, after changing the permissions of the folder, the Windows Developer Mode must be executed, and it is necessary to install a separate program. It is a pretty cumbersome process compared to a generic version that can install files with drag and drop.

Therefore, the folder function of the PC Games Pass is expected to be a good update. Because the mode installation process of a demanding PC game path can be blown into a room. This is why many attentions to new Xbox updates.

The PC Games Pass Folder feature is scheduled to be opened after the test period of Xbox Insider.

Jason Beaumont said, I wanted to provide more options to users with a great PC game. Meanwhile, we will continue to share updates.

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