Working Conditions in Qatar Ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022
A good year before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, Amnesty International has again criticized the working conditions for construction workers in the Emirate.

Although Qatar has introduced a number of reforms since 2017, but these would be not properly implemented, which means that exploitation continues, it said in a communication of the human rights organization to a new report on Qatar. Organizations such as the World Association FIFA or the German Football Association (DFB) would have to act.

The results of this report must be a wake-up call for the FIFA and the national football associations such as the DFB, said Katja Müller-Fahlbusch, expert for the region Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International in Germany: If you are serious and sustainable for the Want to use the rights of the work migrant in Qatar, you need to do more — and now.

According to Amnesty, Worker Qatar could not just leave the country, despite a corresponding law, or change the workplace, wages would often not or be paid too late. In addition, labor migrants still have hardly access to the judiciary to demand wages.

In a union, they should not organize themselves, deaths would not be elucidated, the working conditions are still bad.

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. His economy and thus his prosperity depend on the two million working migrants who live there, said Müller-Fahlbusch, Every R of them has a right to work fairly To be treated and obtained justice and compensation if your rights are disregarded.

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