Neowiz Gestars and News Pi s False Definition Definition

Neo wiz announced that he announced his new P s false at the International Games Conference in Gustav 2021.

NIH Biosketch

Lecture will be held at Susan Becky Convention Hall at 2 pm on the 19th. The theme is a strategy that focuses on P s false, and Lost Arc and Dark Blood Online and Astronomy Online. Choir, PD, will deliver a variety of stories on the works such as the background, character and game concepts of the game.

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P s false is a newly reinterpreted work through the theme of Soul Liquefy Single Play Action RPG, Classical Pinocchio Lie. It has a distinctive combat of false unique combat of P, such as renovating a part of the body and using a variety of skills. On November 9th, the game video, which is the first public and the views,

The false of P is scheduled to be global to console and PC, and will formulate Korean. The date of the formal launch was not determined.

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