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At the beginning of Shin Mega mi Tense V, the players will encounter a quest called The Spirit of Love. Finally, you have to decide between Leanna Side or As paras to complete the quest. On the page of As paras, the initial quest series Spirit of Love continues, while the decision to face the site of Leanna Side, a completely new quest called the Water Nymph begins. Shin Mega mi Tense V can be an incredibly punished game, so the players will want to meet the right choice here. Here s whether you should choose Leanna Side or As paras in SMT V.

If you choose in Shin Mega mi Tense V Leanna Side or As paras?

Ultimately, it is best to put on the side of Leanna Side and defeat As paras. In this way Leanna Side is followed by your group. Leanna Side has access to incredibly useful skills such as media and several dark skills, which will be hard to get hard at the beginning of the game unless they combine the right demons. As paras is also a slightly easier opponent than Leanna Side, so it s the better choice.

To put on the side of Leanna Side, choose talk to her if you meet you for the first time. If you fulfill As paras please, you must defeat them together with their companion Ippon-Datara in a boss fight. These two come at Level 17 or Level 13, so make sure that their mooring and demon group has grown the task before they start this fight.

If you decide to talk to Leanna Side instead of fighting them, start the quest The Water Men mph, which invalidates the original quest of Asmara. You can only make one of these quests, so choose carefully. As mentioned above, it is best to listen to Leanna Side and eliminate As paras in the Quest The Water Nymph, as rewards are better.

If you decide to start the water aim for Leanna Side, you must defeat As paras to complete the quest. As paras will summon 3 stations during the fight, but they should still have it easier than with Leanna Side and Ippon-Datara. Parathion is weak towards Buff and Mud, so use them if you have them. After defeating As paras, return to Leanna Side to give the quest.

Shin Megami Tensei V - Bully Breaker, Sudama Abscess and Completing The Spirit of Love

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After successfully completing the quest The Water Men mph, Leanna Side will follow its group. It is a strong demon that you should have so early in the game at his side, and that s mainly due to your skills. She has skills with the dark element, which is quite rare in SMT V so early. She also has media that can heal its entire group. So Brutal Shin Mega mi Tense V can be, this is an extremely useful ability you should have in your arsenal.

Shin Mega mi Tense V is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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