Gesta 2021 WMADID P2E that can no longer can preemption is key

[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL The P2E is already a flow that the government has already been able to prevent the company.

【高校 英語】 no more … than~ など① (16分)
Lee, Hyung, who has pioneered the P2E market, which pioneered Mir 4 Global P2E market, emphasized this. Eventually, as as as the market is as follows, the winner will be staggered depending on whether they are prevalent.

Gang Hymn Book said, Judah 2021, I have a reporter s conference at Susan Cusco Press Center, (someday), (someday), (someday), (someday), (someday), I will be able to listen to the competition between full-fledged content.

(I meet (I meet), I am emphasized that I have to be with us, he said, If you go quickly, you can get a few times of potentials of the IP (intellectual property rights) of yourself (game). I have only been as much as my people s potential.

The P2E model based on blockchain and encryption was already highlighted. Although the current remade is leading, the P2E is no longer a what is not a remade, but it is a level that can not be given or regulated by anyone criticizing or regulating. I think it is our assignment, he said, I think it is our task.

He also said that the competitiveness in the P2E market was in the event of a fun, Well Made Game. The P2E policy that prioritizes the revenue model rather than the game is that it is not sustainable. This matches the direction of Play and Earn, which was emphasized in the last earnings presentation, and the fun of games of the game, which played,
◆ P2E Market Mir 4, how much can you earn a day?

MADRID is currently rising, such as exceeding the market capitalization of 7 trillion won as anticipation of MIR 4 global launches and P2E models. MIL 4 Global Road 11th Global Concurrent Concurrent Concurrent Connections, and the server was only 11 per day, but now it is now expanding to 207 servers worldwide.

The CEO was Drake smelting, and so on to the disclosure of concrete indicators such as how many users earn in the day. Indicators such as revenues that can earn with black iron and fresco are not calculated by the company, and rather, we mentioned that they are understanding the data such as bloggers who are professionally analyzing the remade.

However, the CEO has simply been that the P2E economy is increasingly complicated as a real society, and the P2E economy is increasingly complex as the real community, and the idea of ​​the optimal users to do some economic activity in it will be developed.

At this time, the questions about the Wide Corinth, which are the reminds, The reason why the report is held by the Virtual Assets of the Coin Exchange Abbot, because the Gibson s largest shareholder Violating, the claim, is being involved in management as a manager as a manager.

He said, He has already been a law review and opinion, he said, he said, he said.

The MADRID is also a vision that will bring 100 games on the W Mix until next year. For this reason, she saw a fully achievable goal when the current development team is achieving the speed of collaboration. He also said, I did not declare 100, not declared 100 of them, and I have seen that 100 should be the know-how of MADRID, and that I can create an open platform with the know-how.

He said, About the Mix on-boarding game in the first quarter of next year, he would look at the first quarter of next year. Currently, the publicized WIMAX on-board game is super cat, Joe City, Made Max, and Sweet Soft. From December, I can actually be able to experience a platform game from December.

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