Mods are opened for Valve Games We will no longer need to pay 50 000 for a license

There is no doubt that the mods have become an important part of the video game sector. While for years we have been surprised with Crossovers of the most peculiar, it is still a reality that there are molders that are dedicated to improve the game experience in dozens of deliveries. Following this line, we recently learned that several molders arranged the rain in GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition.

Now, Valve has opened this option for players eliminating the Havoc graphic engine rate after reaching an agreement with Microsoft. Until a few days ago, create payment mods for titles such as Team Fortress 2 or Half Life: Alex forced to invest in a license of $50,000, but as it has been able to know the user TF2CCWIKI, a specialized Twitter portal In the game, It will not be necessary to disburse this sum of money.

We have reached an agreement with Microsoft for withdraw the Havoc rate for future valve game mods. That said, we see that the purpose of the mods is to act as non-commercial fan projects, explains Steam s support to user. This novelty mainly affects the modes of payment, because their nature for profit forces them to pay the fees mentioned above, while free mods could use the graphic engine without problems.

Paid Mods - Should Game Mods be Sold? - Extra Credits

Recall that the mods have achieved wonders outside the environment of Valve, something we have seen in a first-person Blood borne, the Alley Dragon de Harry Potter for The Elder Scrolls Online or the action of caressing puppies in Skyrim. Therefore, the Fodder community can already get down to work to create all kinds of projects with which to surprise, expand an adventure and, above all, entertain a whole community.

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