The last trailer of WWE 2K22 has hopeful fans for the last installment

2K Games launched the last trailer of WWE 2K22 The Thursday, showing the first images of the live game while analyzing some of the most important functions, game modes and control changes that will arrive at the last delivery. After the critical failure of We 2k20, wrestling fans were left without a delivery of WWE 2K last year and have been containing breathing because the return of the series will bring a significant increase in quality. And according to the reactions in social networks, this trailer has given them much hope to those fans.

There are many positive reactions for new graphics (particularly how EDGE rendering is a significant improvement with respect to previous games) and a lot of emotion by returning GM mode ( MGM ), something that has been lacking in games of The WWE for years. See some of the best reactions on the list below and let us know how you feel about WWE 2K22 after seeing the latest progress in the comments!

WWE 2K22 - Hit List Trailer | PS5, PS4
New controls

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