2 Bundesliga Debacle for St Pauli in the top game against Darmstadt 98

The outstanding Studio Luca Pfeiffer and Phillip Dietz has led the SV Darmstadt 98 to the top of the table of the 2nd football Bundesliga.

Pfeiffer with two hits and Dietz with a gate laid the foundation for convincing 4: 0 (4: 0) victory in the top game against the previous leader FC St. Pauli. Both screwed their yield to Eleven Saisontore.

Dietz made the beginning early (6th), Braydon Many increased to 2: 0 (29.), marriage Luca Pfeiffer with a double strike within two minutes before the break for the decision (39./41.). The guests from Hamburg not only lost one place, but after 16 out of 18 possible points from the previous six lots again for the first time again a game. However, St. Pauli has less held an encounter. Darmstadt has been unbeaten after six laps after the sixth home win in a row.

The lilies, most recently 4: 2 winners at the Bundesliga-relegated Schalke 04, caught a start to measure and went through her eleventh goal after a standard situation in the lead: After a free kick from Patrick Pfeiffer, Dietz reacted the fastest and achieved largely unmolested the 1 : 0.

Darmstadt 98 - FC St. Pauli 4-0 Highlights | 2. Bundesliga - 2021/2022

Darmstadt fans: leader, leader

St. Pauli then took more possession of the possession of the ball, but the next goal fell on the other side: After a long pass from her own half, Haiti sat in the duel, Many hit the short corner. Leader, leader, called the Darmstadt fans — and jubilee little later twice: within two minutes Luca Pfeiffer was twice as successful.

First, Dietz and Mathias Honda headed a head of Fabian Holland for the Goal Hunter, then hit himself by head, when goalkeeper Nikola Vasily had a wide range of Tobias Tempe forward.

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