FC Bayern Julian Nagelsmann resists We do not travel with a counter

At the early Tuesday evening, the FC Bayern qualified for the secondary finish at the Champions League at Dynamo Kiev (from 18:45 in the live ticker). Before the game, the corona chaos dominates the headlines in the club. Numerous professionals, most of them unmoved, are under quarantine and therefore not available. No pleasant situation for Julian Nagelsmann traveling with a hull cabinet into Ukraine. On Monday, the coach together with Leroy Sané on the Game Day PK has asked the questions of the journalists.

The main topic of the media round was as expected the vaccination problem with the record champion, which in Kiev among others on Joshua Gimmick, Serge Gnabry and Jamal Musial.

On the question of a reporter, whether the upcoming encounter is not very relevant anyway, Nagelsmann replied: The Champions League is never unimportant, certainly not for Bayern Munich and not for every single player. Luckily, we do not have this results of results, The bad things about Augsburg can now implement better.

It would be despite the eight failures still a very good team in the square, the 34-year-old clearly and supplemented: We do not travel with a counter troop.

FC Bayern Being by More Duo

A cleavage within the team does not fear Nagelsmann. It is always award for a group that you do not always have an opinion, the coach emphasized. He faith not that the team breaks against it, we have to grow.

Meanwhile, it is unclear whether Marcel Sanitizer and Kingsley Coman can be there on Tuesday. Both are still struck.

At SBI, it does not look so good about Achilles tendon and calf problems, which he already has the last half year. King feels muscularly nothing more, but in the wade still a bit. We have to wait for him to react overnight Because we have an important Bundesliga game on Saturday, Nagelsmann betrayed.

Bayern Munich has summarized the most important statements of the PK:

+++ Thats it for today! +++

Julian Nagelsmann has answered the questions of the journalists connected. So we say goodbye for today, thank you for reading!

+++ Nagelsmann about possible negative effects on team chemistry +++

Its always a group that you do not always have an opinion. In a functioning team, however, everyone has to be there for everyone. I do not think the team breaks down, we have to grow it. Due to the non-vaccination is the probability Higher that they fail. But we have to be there for each other, we should grow.

+++ Nagelsmann about the stand in the quarantine professionals +++

One often talks if the person is positive then, you have to be as unclear in quarantine. Since you do not have to go through the park at a demo. It goes the players but good, they are tested. Joshua Gimmick could be tested earlier than the Other back because he has gone in quarantine earlier.

+++ Nagelsmann about the work to the defensive problems +++

Ive really said that often. Its about counterpressing for ball loss. Therefore, close the room at an early stage. The ball pressure should be extremely high, if not, the ball-far side must close. But we have to work, but we have to work Nothing to do with the chain. In the last instance it is often difficult to defend.

+++ Nagelsmann via Lewandowski load control +++

At Lewy, a certain control is important, now his 1A representative is in quarantine, then we can not spare him. He is physically but very fit and has the experience to take the necessary breaks in the game.

+++ Nagelsmann about the currently difficult workout work +++

The load control is tailored to the game plan. In training, you have to be creative. We have two battered players with Kingsley Coman and Marcel Sanitizer, where we do not know if they can play. At SBI it does not look so good because of Achillesende and calm problems, he has already over the last half year. King feels muscularly nothing more, but in the wade still a bit. We have to wait, as he reacts overnight, because we have an important Bundesliga game on Saturday. We have an important Bundesliga game on Saturday Must see if it makes sense from the beginning or not. Then we would have 13, if the two now fall away, but thats also Smart, a small group with direct speech. Little talks in the hotel, who does not play, thats also very pleasant. Not so bad from the care at all.

+++ Nagelsmann about the restlessness at Bavaria +++

I have more fun when everything runs in the right direction. But we are not allowed to make the topic too big, every club has these problems. We are not allowed to project these topics too much on athletic. We have in all statistical values ​​forward developed. One week ago we were celebrated. The noise has been involved in FC Bayern for years. Of course, I am not happy that certain internal will be propelled, thats not conducive. There is also private things. Who has to pay for private things And not? There are too many things that are worn outward. But that does not endanger our Bayern Muniching success. It would be more beautiful when it was a bit locked.

+++ Nagelsmann via Sanitizers False Start +++

He had extremely strong three weeks. Then he has noticed that he had problems, also because of his injury. So Grottenschwecht, how was written, he was not. He had a ball loss, but thats too plant to me, if the Last instance makes a mistake, then this is quickly noticeable. We have to defend closed as a team. We have to react better in ball loss.

+++ Nagelsmann about the importance of the Kiev game +++

The Champions League is never unimportant, certainly not for Bayern Munich and not for every single player. Luckily we do not have this result pressure, the bad things against Augsburg can now do better. We still have a very good team on the Place despite the eight failures. Of course, we do not have many offensive alternatives on the bench. But we are not traveling with a counter troupe. In the chain we already have a few failures that otherwise play predominantly. Niklas Sure is freely tested and If tomorrow is studied, then he can play again on Saturday. The same applies to Josie Statistic. We do not give the game.

+++ Thats already from Seine, Nagelsmann comes +++

The attacker is ready, Julian Nagelsmann takes over his place!

+++ Seine about a possible key experience after its shape low +++

So really there was no one, some have said the template against Bertha for Lewy. I just try to be positive. I knew how my stand is and was. Of course, I was not satisfied with the last season, the giving I open. I wanted to show what I can, that I can play football. The good games have built me.

+++ Seine about the recent defense problems +++

It does not start at the back. We have to start at the front first, the whole team starts something. We are working and trying to improve us. You will see how we can implement it.

+++ Seine about his form increase in recent months +++

I am generally a guy who can not be done by negative things. I try to convert negatives to positive energy. I have a good rhythm and wants to continue.

+++ Seine about persuasion at Gary, Gimmick and Co. +++

I am, I am also vaccinated himself. I mentioned it. I want you to stand all for us in the square. But I also respect your decisions.

+++ Seine about the restlessness through the Corona Chaos at FC Bayern +++

If something happens, then you talk to each other shortly. But honestly that does not really affect us. We want to focus on the game and give us full throttle. We are the FC Bayern and have a very good squad. You have to look a very good squad. You have to look what in the future happens when the larger and important games come to one. Its not that far.

+++ Leroy Sané makes the beginning +++

The national player has taken place on the podium. Ready to go!

+++ It goes straight! +++

We look forward to the duo. Nagelsmann and Seine soon enter the podium

+++ FC Bayern in Corona Dilemma +++

The Corona turbulence at FC Bayern has achieved a new escalation level. First, a report of the Picture on Sunday with intended salary cuts made for the uncovered professionals for excitement. And only hours later, the record champion announced that Joshua Gimmick also had Serge Gnabry, Jamal Musial, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting and Michael Nuisance in consultation with the health authorities in quarantine.

Gimmick was already on Friday evening at the surprising 1: 2 at FC Augsburg — because of the contact to a positively tested person in the private environment. Shortly thereafter, the executive was followed by the professional quartet counting against the FCA.

Without five means the staff solution for Julian Nagelsmann on Tuesday at the Champions League game at Dynamo Kiev. In Ukraine, Bayern also want to retract the group victory after the final qualification. With a fuselage mutual, however, the task should not be easier. In the case of a defeat, one thing could actually be in danger again. Accordingly, serious Nagelsmann goes on the encounter.

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