LOL Riot s work requirement that ends with a myth of players

Some of the most common prejudices of the community of League of Legends with respect to developers are related to their dedication to the game or skill level. Comments after any unfortunate change tend to point out how little they understand the game or how easy it was to see the error come. However, reality in the developer is very different: Riot Games is not only surrounded by some of the best players in the world, but it can be a requirement to work with them.

A job only for the League of Legends elite

As expected, not all job offers related to the title require being a great player. However, the team specialized in carrying out the checks on playable changes if it requires many of their members to be among the best of the qualifying system. This has been demonstrated by one of the most recent offers of the company, where applicants are asked for a requirement that does not usually appear at the curriculum vitae : be in a diamond range 4 or higher in League of Legends and above Diamond 1 in Wild Rift.

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The most striking detail for many players will be the fact that it is necessary to be at a great level classifying in both games. A decision that is probably due to the intention of maintaining the best possible playable experiences so that the teams dedicated to the two Mob of the company can coordinate or detect that changes carried out in iOS and Android can take the leap to the League of PC Legends. Feedback that, for example, gave rise to Ram mus rework at the beginning of season.

Most of the changes that come to League of Legends are tested by different team members who play in very diverse ranges so that the developer may have different perspectives. However, you have always taken into account the opinion of this test team. If we compare the developer’s demands with the distribution of ranges, something less than 2% of the players would have enough ability to occupy the position.

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