Tor Premiere Manunited celebrates ex BVB

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If Cristiano Ronaldo meets a goal, which he did not achieve himself, then he either already met or just good mood. On Tuesday evening in Villarreal, both would be the case.

After the Portuguese Manchester United had a slightly flattering in the important group game at the Europa League winner, but emotionally introduced to leadership, made a strong Jason Sancho in the final minute with a fulminant shot under the lath on the lid on it. And especially Cristiano Ronaldo, Borussia Dortmund’s summer access took long in his arms.

When Manchester United Fans Applaud Cristiano Ronaldo
I was very happy for Jason, Interim trainer Michael Garrick said the club’s own media after the 2-0 victory. I think he puts a stuff tonight, he gave everything.

It was a big evening for him.

Garrick about Sancho

And also celebrated a premiere. In the 15th course it was Sancho’s first mandatory game for United, behind the 21-year-old Englishman lie oppressive months. Under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Sancho was from time to find in the starting eleven, but mostly wrapped in thick winter jacket on the replacement bench. And the Guardian thought lasted loudly: if United may have to commit Jack Greatly — and City for Sancho?

I know how much he enjoys having the ball at the foot and try to do something, Garrick said over a Sancho, who really flashed for the first time in the United Dress, why England’s record champion in the summer of 85 million euros had transferred to Dortmund and that would have liked to do so in summer. He showed himself from a completely different side tonight, and his goal in the end was the perfect degree for him and for us, Garrick praised.

Not only in the offensive, however, the ex-Dortmund set his accents. In the defensive, he really got strewn and worked hard for us when we needed him, Garrick judged. It was a big evening for him.

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