BVB Commentary on embarrassing in the Champions League

After the resounding 1: 3-slap at Borussia Dortmunding is sealed for Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League, the K.O. Round will take place this season without BVB. The sometimes scary and under the dash of embarrassing services in the premier class also fall back on coach Marco Rose. A comment.

We see the group very happy, the designated BVB Borussia Dortmunds director Sebastian Keel was still free after the Champions League draw at the end of August. We have the claim to continue in this group.

Given the opponents — Ajax Amsterdam, Besides and Borussia Dortmunding — were the understandable ambitions. Although all national masters, an absolute top team remained sparing the BVB. The eighth finale seemed already booked in the head.

Just three months later, the Review Club has landed crashing to the ground of the facts. Frighteningly, the balance of the previous five group games reads: Michigan five hits are eleven (!) Goals opposite.

For the first time for four years, BVB failed in the group stage of the royal class. Alone the two scarce and little convincing victories against Borussia Dortmunding (1: 0) and Besides (2: 1) secure a place in the unloved Europa League.

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Individual mistakes and questionable decisions at BVB

Frighteningly, the all-or-nothing game in Lisbon once revealed more that the team of coach Marco Rose is far away from being a European top team.

An offensive firework, as hoped and announced, remained. On the contrary: Individual Patter Laden Borussia Dortmunding Law. The devastating vote problem would be between Nico Schulz and Hummel’s replacement Marin Panoramic before 0: 1. Or the unnecessary boarding of Dan-Axel Paradox before 0: 3.

It does not surprisingly happen that these players were on the crucial moments of errors. Schulz was thrown by Rose without any game practice in the starting elf after Raphael Guerrero had injured in warming up — an at least questionable decision. Paradox is just back after months of injury.

FC Bayern wins with hull cables — the BVB not

The self-image of Russia belongs that this group would have to survive this group despite the many failures, especially the Forager Erlang Haaland. The emphasized rose again after final whistle.

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A top team like FC Bayern is able to consist with the second suit — just demonstrated with a hull Calder at the outward victory in Kiev. It was the fifth victory in the fifth game in the royal class for the record champion under his new coach Julian Nagelsmann.

Such a yield is rose and the BVB far away. In Bundesliga and DFB Cup, the 45-year-old held his team despite the injury manure so far on course. Early leaving, and the bad performances internationally sometimes shake a bit of trust in the coach.

Because on great ambitions, the BVB followed an embarrassing reality in the Champions League in this season.

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