Sunday Tose Female Youth Hygiene Support Device Donation Delivery

[INTERNATIONAL) announced that Sunday Those (Representative Kim Jung-seop) announced on the 26 days of do national delivery for women’s adolescent sanitation supplies.

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The delivery ceremony, which was conducted in the Sunday, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, a Sunday Those Park Sung-Bin, Won TAE Yuk, a social contribution team, and a team leader in Korea YMCA, a Social Contribution Team, and a Smile Gate Hope Studio official attended.

Donations that Sunday Those delivered to Korea YMCA National Federation will be used to support sanitation supplies of a blind spot such as low-income, one parent, and the residents.

This fundraising is that the Mobile Games ‘Aqua Story’, and the ‘Top Bear Bears Puppy’ users have reached the quantity of the Hearts, and the Sunday Those prepared a donation.

The company explained that this event was a typical casual game that everyone is enjoying all of them, and explained that many users have gained a lot of users and raise popular attention to women’s adolescents.

Park Sung-Bin Sunday Those, said, The interests of users who participated in the event will be an encouragement to youth, he said, he said, he said, he said,.

The donation of donations is carried out, and the sanitary supplies support of Sunday Those, which contains the interest and encouragement of the game users, will be held at the end of November for 900 female adolescents.

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