Pok mon Diamant Pearl Bug ensures weird developments

Levee (イ ー ブイ, iBook?, / Irvin/) is a Pokémon type of the Nintendo as well as Game Freak Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Suitor, his initial look remained in the Pokémon Red and Blue video games. It has appeared in different media, special titles, and also computer animated adjustments of the franchise. It is the major mascot and also first Pokémon in the Pokémon game: Allow’s Go, Levee! For Nintendo Switch over. Referred to as the Pokémon Evolution in the Games as well as at the Anime, LEVEE has an unpredictable genetic code, which allows it to progress in a variety of different Pokémon, informally recognized as EEVEELLIC. The initial 3 of these evolutions, Vapor eon, Jolt eon and also Flatiron, were presented together with LEVEE in Pokémon Red as well as Blue. 5 advancements more since then have been introduced into Pokémon Games: Emperor and Umbrella in the second generation of video games, Lebanon as well as Glace on in the 4th generation, and Sylvan on the sixth generation.

A bug of the slightly different kind are currently confusing some Pokémon players. Bright diamond and luminous pearls can spontaneously change the nicknames of your monster. What’s going on is here.

Pokémon develops from Bertha to Gustavo

Pokémon radiant diamond and bright pearls send fans back to Singh and thus make up such a few bugs ranging from annoying to playful.

The following glitch is simply strange. Several players and players have now documented how the nicknames of their Pokémon are changed from the game. The whole thing can happen during a development and — fortunately — only for the process of development. Then the Pokémon is called again as their coaches have named them.

The Slurp of the streamer Tony Daddy was renamed, for example, prompt from Bertha to Gustavo :

The nicknames given by the game always seem to be quite normal human name. Times are written, sometimes small — as the following example shows. Here was from Girl boss a Mike :

Presumably, Mike is suddenly written here, because the original nickname of the Pokémon was also written.

According to the comments under the tweets, this has already happened to some other Poke fans. Even if you have not missed your monster your own nickname.

How does it come to such a strange bug?

What exactly triggers Glitch is unknown so far. Luckily, the name change is not permanent because it is extremely curious, the question comes up: How does something happen?

This suspects colleague Micky Bauer, who — before many, many years — was responsible for the localization of Nintendo games:

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Hardcore Nuzlocke - Bug Type Only (No Overleveling, No Items)

In the past, a number of common and innumerable names have been relived for each language, translated into the Nintendo games. These names should for internal production and quality assurance purposes are always used where players and players are their own to use freely selectable names. This was given above all for the production of screenshots for print-manuals, so that it did not accidentally arise damage or similar.

It is conceivable that a similar process is now also included in software production. If such name lists are anchored in the code, it may well be that a glitch causes it to get back to the surface. That is only a guess on my part, but would be obvious.

Presumably, these suddenly emerging names were used by game testers or developers and have remained in the code of the game.

Mysterious is not just the strange nickname glitch. The world of Pokémon also raises new questions, whose answers are still unclear to this day:

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