Battlefield 2042 The worst metacritic cut of the series

BATTLEFIELD 2042 Is A BROKEN DISASTER! The WORST Battlefield Ever Made | Stop Buying BROKEN GAMES!
The multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042 (from 53.99 € at buy) has not triggered euphoria wave for almost two weeks since its release. Many fans show themselves disappointed and do not save with criticism. Even with the trade press, the shooter is not excessively good. This is now also evident in the evaluation of the review aggregator Metacritic.

There, Battlefield 2042 currently comes to an average rating of just 70 points. Incidentally, this only applies to the PC version, as the console versions are even significantly lower and can be found in the 60s area. This rating means a negative record: no other game The Battlefield series has so far received a worse rating at Metacritic. Even the often steamed and criticized Battlefield Hardliner, which came on the market in 2015, here is a point better here.

If you take a look at the User ratings, it looks more gloomy: There, Battlefield 2042 just comes to a 2.8 out of a maximum of ten points. This makes it clear again how much the new shooter episode is in the fans in the crossfire of criticism.

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