MislintTats Prepeschen provides unrest at VFB Stuttgart

Sven missing is afraid of its place on the bank of the VfB Stuttgart. Because he was at 2-1 against Mainz in domestic isolation and may not be back on Sunday (15.30, live! At director) against Bertha BSC, the sports director hopes in the case of another victory that nobody from superstition The idea comes up, I should volunteer in quarantine, instead of leaving myself back to the bench.

About this EX in the interview with the Stuttgart Dating and the Stuttgart News on Monday, the CFB bosses could certainly smile, but that was not for all statements that Mishit did there. What he had to say about the sports council search at his club provides new restlessness in Stuttgart.

Missing wants to protect the Project Young Wild 2.0

Because Thomas Hitzlsperger will stop at the latest in autumn 2022 as Chief Executive Officer, movement will soon come into the leadership floor of the CFB. Missing has clear ideas on how to continue: What I feel about is that the way, the Thomas Hitzlsperger, Markus Rut (Director Sports Organization, Note d. Red.), Thomas Drunken (young director, ANM. d. Red.), Pelegrín Matarazzo and I have started together, and we would like to go to Thomas’ departure.

Distinct wants the project young Wild 2.0, as he calls, continue with the same freedoms and competences granted to him Hitzlsperger. Depending on the question of a new sports board at the CFB, it would like it would like to be if someone would be from our group of sports board, i.e. Rude, crutches or he himself — again emphasized that he does not post him personally important is. He could also introduce himself to extend his contract as a sports director by 2024.

Stuttgart players celebrating with the fans for win against Mainz

The CFB tops want to search the conversation — but also missing is irritated

For irritations, however, the CFB upper ensures that Misprint explains not to be involved in the selection process, not active and last not more communicative. The 49-year-old was heard several times after the Personnel ism Hitzlsperger and was allowed to propose candidates, which landed in the Supervisory Board within the scope of the selection procedure.

The responsible persons for President and Supervisory Board Claus Vogt does not want to comment on the pre-pressure of their squad planner, but looking for the conversation to clear the irritation. Above all, Misprint is irritated according to its own statement that sports council candidates already appeared in public — just at a time at which it does not work so on.

The CFB deals with Chatziallexiou — and also Were is a candidate

A name that the CFB is in fact is Jodi Chatziallexiou (45), which has been active for DFB since 2003, since 2018 as a sporting director of national teams. At the Supervisory Board Adrian still knows about his time as a U-21 national coach (2009 to 2013). As a new board member, Alexander Were (46) is still a candidate, the managing director of the 1st FC Cologne, the Misprint an perfect job attested.

Although the power of power and scope of the sports director even are contractually secured, Distinct evidently employs whether he can actually continue his work under a new, external sports board, as before and as it resupply. Whether the title is really awarded, but after director information, however, is not yet decided. But first there is a talk requirement at the CFB again.

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