Lothar Matthew FC Bayern does not work without Joshua Kimmich

Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller and Joshua Kimmich send powerful football vs. racism message | ESPN FC
Record National Player Other Matthews sees in the failure of Joshua Gimmick may have a decisive handicap for FC Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga top game against Borussia Dortmund.

The midfield does not work at the moment without Gimmick. He is the emotional leader, said the 60-year-old Sky expert at a press event of this Saturday (18:30) live broadcast channels.

The unvaccinated football player Gimmick misses the top game because it is in quarantine after a corona infection. The BVB comes with a backlog from a point on the serial master from Munich in the home game.

In addition to Gimmick, the Bavaria is also his midfield partner Leon Goretzka (hip problems). It would be a giant advantage for Dortmund if Gretzky would not be in full ownership of the forces, said Matthew: If Gimmick and Gretzky fail, I double at a Bayern victory. In the center of the midfield games would be decided. The music plays, emphasized Matthew.

BVB: Other Matthew present Giant career for Erlang Haaland

In the public focus, of course, the goalkeeper duel between World Footballer Robert Lewandowski (14 goal directors) and the BVB attacker Erlang of Haaland (10 results) become Fit after a violation.

For Matthew, the 33-year-old Lewandowski is currently the best on the position, even worldwide. However, the 21-year-old Norwegian Haaland will eventually become Lewandowski’s successor as the best center-to-center. He will make a giant career. Haaland belongs to the future, says Matthew.

The former Bayern professional praised in front of the top game BVB-Torwart Gregor Nobel. The 23-year-old Swiss has been the new number one at Russia since this season. Matthews even sees in Nobel already a possible successor for National Tor wart Manuel New at FC Bayern.

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