The Matrix Awakens Leak enth llt Unreal Engine 5

As of 23 December there is to see in the cinema with The Matrix Resurrections the latest film in the series. Suitable for publication, fans but may well also look forward to a special gaming experience that was the first time leaked at Twitter. It is The Matrix Awakens.

What is The Matrix Awakens?

Twitter users Seminar is responsible for the leak by The Matrix Awakens. He is best known as Data Miner, when it comes to Fortnite. And the matrix project seems to be related to Epic Games. As can be seen in the cover picture The Matrix Awakens promises a special experience that was developed with the new Unreal Engine 5.

Is The Matrix Awakens perhaps not a game?

Because it is an experience, it is quite possible that players will be back again here in an interactive environment that provides some links to the movie. At the same time we get another look at the possibilities of the Unreal Engine 5, for which no yet exist too many projects.

The Matrix Awakens probably appear for PS5

In the database of the PSN Notes also were discovered on The Matrix Awakens. The title will therefore not only be available for the PC, but also for the PS5 and PS4. All current platforms — including the last gene PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch — are compatible with the Unreal Engine. 5

New Matrix Game Leaked - Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 Experience

When The Matrix Awakens appear?

Currently, it is speculated that the gaming experience cooperation Fortnite might have something to do with a to which there are already rumors for several weeks. Neo and Trinity should therefore end up in Battle Royale shooter. All this is likely but probably no later than the theatrical release on 23 . December are announced.

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03.12.2021 at 14:30

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