Football star Ronaldo is now Twitch Streamer

More and more well-known stars and personalities have begun to stream the beginning of the pandemic on Twitch to stream. In Germany, for example, Rapper Side, Comedian Kaya Yanmar or SPD politician Ti emo Woken.

Now an extremely well-known football star joins. Ronaldo started to stream on Twitch — and thus not only achieves a large audience, he also has respectable skill in games like Call of Duty: War zone.

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Who is Ronaldo?

The Brazilian football legend Ronaldo Luis Mazarin de Lima, so the full name, is certainly non-football fans worldwide. In the course of his career he was able to achieve many great successes.

At the beginning of 2011 he left the active professional sport, since then he is mainly football official and is committed to social. And for some time he regularly streams on Twitch.

What streaming Ronaldo?

Ronaldo Streams on Twitch Different formats, for example podcasts, talk shows, talk rounds about football and sports in general, and also games like Call of Duty: War zone.

How good is Ronaldo?

On his twitch channel, the former football star was able to attract almost 180,000 followers. At Call of Duty: War zone prove in front of the camera skill, accuracy and skillful movement.


The football legend streams up-to-date very often and regularly on Twitch. Just this week he sat every day from Monday to Thursday for several hours in front of the camera and maintained his audience with whom he also interacts in the chat.

Stable Ronaldo Vibin'
Where can you look Ronaldo?

If you want to look at the streams of Ronaldo and records of previous transfers themselves, then you can do this directly on Twitch. Or you look at you directly here one of his last War zone streams.

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