The new map of Call of Duty Warzone leaves different problems that are already being investigated

As is well known, Activision is not happening for a great time. Of course not at the image level, but neither the premiere of Call of Duty: Vanguard has left great numbers of those who boast, always putting them in context with previous deliveries. The title of Sledgehammer Games harvests less interest than its predecessors, and hopes are now placed in War zone.

The company Battle Royale Free to Play has received this week its new map, boiler, a new territory that translates us to the Pacific substituting the well-known Cobra Verdant. But, as users have pointed out in forums and social networks, the premiere of this new scenario is generating different problems in the game that their managers did not expect.


Both in PC and consoles, players who have received 24-hour advance access are being encountered with errors that go from visual failures to unexpected closures of the application. There are textures that do not load on stage, operators and weapons, and in PlayStation, concrete performance errors are occurring. In Raven are aware of them: they have listed them as existing errors and are investigating the solutions, which will arrive through patches in the coming days.

All this is not strange when it is greater change in War zone from its premiere in March 2020, with a map that has up to 15 different locations. Let us also remember that, as a measure against cheats, in Activision they have become serious with the matter and are going to harden punishments against anyone who does not play Call of Duty in a clean way.

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