Ellinder Ring Eldoning New Story Trailer on TGA Public

released two months before the release released a new trailer.

This trailer was released today (TGA) in progress today (TGA), and some story and world view of , which was not disclosed in the past.

In this story trailer, George RR Martin was implemented by the ‘Eldon Ring> of the Global Rings’ in the ‘Niche’s Land’, and the story of a mysterious woman is talking about the source of the destruction of the destruction of the ‘crushing war’ Recreated. General Laden, which is expected to play an important role in the episode of Eldon Ring, or ‘Michel’s Blade Malinda’, also appeared in this trailer.

Elden Ring Story Trailer *BREAKDOWN*

is a 3-person open-world RPG developed by Japan’s developer ‘Prom Software’. The Miyazaki Hideaway, which was the director of the existing series, participated in the development, and the writer ‘George R. R Martin’ of the novel <ice and the Song of the Fire was produced by the worldview. will be released on February 25, 2022.

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