ACEND VS Gambit Sports What time is the great end of the valuing Champions League

GAMBIT ESPORTS was like the midnight clock for the Cinderella Tale of GRU ESPORTS. The Russians cut the good streak to the Latin Americans, reaching another great end but this time against their compatriots of AMEND. These come after having won Team Liquid, one of the strongest in groups and quarter-finals.

Valorant Champions followed with the format of simple qualifiers. This means, there is no margin of error and a bad day can cost an entire year of practices. Except The great ending that is the best of five, all encounters are at the best of three maps. As if that were not enough, Europe was about to take care of the second phase thanks to Team Liquid, Amend, Gambit and Fanatic, which were in the semifinal.

As we already summarized it in this note, the European campaign for the Valorant Champions Trophy will culminate this December 12 with Gambit Esports against And in a BO5. The day will start at 11:00 MX / 12:00 co / 13:00 sees / 14:00 AR / 18:00 BS. All through the channels of Riot Games, which also have the DROPS system with some rewards for Valorant fans.

Gambit Esports is the Berlin defender champion. He was in the last masters, where he proposed a 3-0 to Team Envy for the direct pass to the World Cup. While Amend remedied the 5th -8th place obtained in the same competition, where he fell against 100 Thieves in the quarterfinals. On this occasion, it remains a group leader and has not known the defeat in all phases.

KRÜ vs. Gambit - VCT Champions Semifinals Post-Match Press Conferences - Run It Back -

The great winner of the Valorant Champs will take $350,000 USD in prizes, while the runner-up will receive $150,000 USD. As we know, it is the last contest of the year, making an end to the first competitive season of Valorant organized by Riot Games. Next year is held to be even better, with some adjustments that welcome a World Cup for professional players.

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