A new wax plant has been molded and published

Can you overcome fear that forms in your stomach? Dare you venture into the Waxworks and cancel the curse that weighs on your family? This is the kinds of questions that Went2Play poses to the players with their remake of the Horror soft game of 1992, Waxworks: Curses of the Ancestors. Where the 1992 version of the game was a point-and-click adventure, the version of Went2Play brings a whole series of new items. The Went2Play website provides additional details about the game.

Waxwork places the player in the fight of his life as he tries to undo the curse of his family. As a player’s character, you will be immersed in an adventure through a wax museum. Four horrible exhibitions you need to solve, fight and survive. Above all, your mission will be to kill the witch who cursed your ancestors. The developers warn that the only way out is to solve the puzzle, to win a terrible battle or die of a horrible death. »

In addition to its new look, with improved graphics and 3D modeling, Waxworks also offers a list of new mechanics away from the 1992 Point-and-Click. Of an RPG and craft system, to different styles of combat, Waxworks looks like a horror game today. Yet Went2Play assures fans that it follows the classic style of horror movies of the 80s.

In addition, a trailer published last year highlights the changes in gameplay of its own ancestor.

To illustrate the gameplay, the trailer shows some of the creatures that players can meet as well as fights. Players can also be looking for new skills to improve.

Waxworks: Curses of the Ancestors is available on Steam. Currently, the game is priced at $13.11 until December 27. Are you looking forward to diving into the depths of Waxworks?

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