Deku will have a new suit in My Hero Academy

During the previous Jump Fest, Doha Hiroshi, the Managua responsible for My Hero Academy, noted that this manga would come to an end in about a year. In this way, The most recent chapter has revealed that DEU is ready to get a new hero costume.

With each new Quirk at the provision of DEU, the protagonist has changed or modified the hero costume of him. In this way, with all the skills of One For All finally dominated, We will surely see a series of substantial changes that will allow you to make the best use of all the powers of it of it. It is so a classic character is back.

At the end of chapter 338 of the manga, Ma Hatsune made the triumphal of it in a way very similar to that of the first appearances of it in this story. Unfortunately, we will have to wait another week to see how Midoriyama will look at her new suit. Recall that Weekly Shōnen Jump, magazine where this manga is published, takes a full break during the last week of the year.

On related topics, the sixth season of the anime has released its first trailer. In the same way, it has finally been revealed who is the Creator of UA.

Editor’s note:

Boku no Hero Academia- The Reason for Deku's 1st Costume Change

One year is more than enough time to see the conclusion of DEU’s trip, as well as some additional details, such as the battle between the Odorous family. We only hope that the conclusion can satisfy the fans, who constantly become more and more demanding.

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