The nominees for the game of the year 2021 by PC Player 24 Hitman 3

There was countless holy shit moments in the gaming this year, but the moment in my head among liveliest is the moment I welcomed for the first time from the dazzling opulence of Hitman 3s Burn Al-Jazari would. Well, I’m not astronomically — what pointed out that I thought when entering the atrium Damn again, this building is as high as the sun — but I know starry if I see it, and developer IO Interactive has definitely Everything given for the closing chapter of the World of Assassination Trilogy.

Selamat Datang Di Dubai - Hitman 3 Indonesia - Part 1

Hitman 3 has not reinvented the wheel — apart from the fact that a tricky camera has been added, the windows can open, but I let it glide — it is bigger and better in every way. From glittering skyscrapers in Dubai via a thriller in the gloomy Dartmoor to a grubby Berlin Warehouse Rave — Agent 47 was shipped to incredibly diverse, beautifully designed locations.

Io has also made fantastic work to tighten HitMan’s solid gameplay loop, which is supported by improving the new generation on the in-house Glacier engine under the hood. And while the I of the game is better than ever thanks to these upgrades than ever, the slapstick absurdity of a guess who does not recognize that his best buddy suddenly lost all his hair and has grown several centimeters, fortunately.

Between the throwing of someone in a grape mill and the light of someone by overloading a light show, each of Hitman 3 missions offers a wealth of ways to murder his NPCs maliciously — and they are all rock. We all know that 47 could kill a man with a toenail, and I was really troubled to give us as many ways as possible to implement this imagination.

While Hit mans history was always a two-ranking focus of the gameplay, we were treated this time for 47 with a more personal story when he explored his past on the side of Lucas Gray. It’s not a big story, but it’s good to see that Io does the work for his bald bond before the actual coming 007 game.

For me, the special thing about the Hitman series is that there is a scratch for every itching. If you are a casual player who wants to make things right, you can turn the goals of each mission slaloming and get closer to your destination. Due to the sheer recovery, they are most likely exploring any available choreographed scenario, with advanced players looking for every benefit to master each area on his toughest level of difficulty.

Then, of course, there are the hardcore players who face their own challenges. Some Ignore all signposts completely and look at the blood of their goals at a very curvy way, while others are trying to jump in as short time as possible to build a church bank and scratch.

In fact, thanks to its intoxicating addictive game plays, Hitman 3 gets shaking beauty of his sandboxes, the iOS mastering of his engine and the remarkable number of ways of doing someone’s studio, my award for the game of the year.

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