Forspoken is not there yet there are already DLC

The developers of foreseen not only keep big pieces on their protagonist Frey Holland, who is thrown out of the modern New York in the medieval fantasy-rich Atria. No, also Frey’s oppressors, the so-called fantasies, get at the ideas The game gave much attention — at least that’s what the makers of the Open World Role play want. The dancers such as matriarchs are, according to the people of Luminous Productions, are the greatest concern about the Break Frey’s.

Therefore, the developers are already planning a so-called prequel story DLC for winter 2022, which carries the title in Santa WE Trust even before For spoken Release.

Qantas: once loved, now feared

The Qantas once came across Atria, with kindness and understanding of the problems of normal citizens. But without warning, they turned to aggressive oppressors that are feared today. Whether this sudden change of meaning probably has to do with the appearance of the break ; The dark plague that also completely suddenly Beginner has to visit Atria?

When Frey first appears on Atria, she has little for the Santa. After being accused of Santa Silk to enter your area without permission, Frey will become a mandrel in her eyes. For Frey, unfortunately, there is no way back to New York, without defeating them first, says the makers of Forsaken (Buy Now €79.99). Santa Silk, that’s the lady with the lush helmet, which is considered a Santa of strength and now ruling Mathias as a cruel terminal.

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Santa Prey: Santa of justice

A second evil Santa (about their motivations we can not say much now) is Santa Prey, the Santa of justice. She dominated the judicial system Mathias in front of the break, but is now only an image of her self; A poisonous hanger with a distorted sense of justice. Both Silk and Prey will sit down for short or long in foreseen as a boss opponent. If you want to know more about Silk and Prey and your design process, then looks past the PlayStation blog. There is also the information about the DLC in Santa WE Trust noted. We are curious if the boss ladles really arouse so much interest that we are tensioned on the DLC.

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