Industrial department 2 24 billion in the market 2233

Industry and Normal Resources announced on the seconds of this year, we plan to pay 2,233 professional people this year, and 2,233 specialists will be trained this year.

The Industrial Department organized three new businesses for professional workforce. We plan to operate a future fusion curriculum and linked on a field of fusion training and internships associated with enterprise and research institutions, and to open a future fusion curriculum and linked to enterprises and research institutes.

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It is a policy that increases the quantitative and qualitative expertise through the Mechanical and Electrical and Electronics,

For 173 reviews, the number of talented, for the training, it is scheduled to operate the field of cultivation of future car specialization, such as autonomous, eco-friendly, and enterprise demand customized industry. The specialization curriculum is a vehicle software (SW) with artificial intelligence (AI) and big data associated with Big Data.

We have also provided training for 134444 people on the field. The subjects are on-site workforce, and the middle-aged military unemployment, who wants to switch to the field or new entry. Fusion and Function Technology Project training, parts quality control and diagnosis, maintenance, etc.

This year, this year, we support strengthening business conversion response by modulating leader and practitioner curriculum for automotive parts enterprise, which we want to switch their jobs or want new entry.

The Park Jae-young Industrial Management Industry Policy, said, I foster professional workers to support domestic automotive industry and secure global technology competitiveness..

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